Xbox One vs. Xbox One S, Releasing with new controller

Xbox One vs. Xbox One S, Releasing with new controller

Xbox One vs. Xbox One S

Microsoft has launched Xbox 360, one and 720 now with continuous improvements and features Xbox one S is on its way to release it is basically a slimmed version of Xbox One, Microsoft has clarified it will be launched only in few regions right now as its pre-ordering lines are already opened but currently they are launching 2 terabyte variant if anyone have ordered it, It will be delivered on date of launch that is 2nd of August 2016. So Xbox one S will be in the market within next two days.


This launch has many differently priced versions of console depending upon their different space like 2 terabytes, 1terabyte version, 500 gigabyte version and other variants and these are also priced differently $399,$349 and $299 similarly but the major difference between that has been observed and presented by the company is that latest version that Xbox one S is of smaller size than Xbox one as Microsoft is claiming a size that they have reduced it as comparable to older version, up to 40 percent with multiple amazing features additionally in it first one is built it feature of power supply which will now eliminate the tension that arises due to a power brick as they are also providing a USB port & infra-red blaster in it with the support for watching video and playing games online even if they are of high dynamic range and in the end result it will allow you a higher contrast. It also supports Blue Ray with amazing 4k display but only for videos and not for games.


In a recent Windows Report , they have announced that there will be also one Xbox wireless controller that can be used by Bluetooth so it supports Bluetooth-enabled PC as well and it will not merely use on Xbox one S console. There is also one controller included with it as the price is mentioned above.It can be stored upright you will have to buy the 2 terabyte model because only this includes a stand bundled. Although you can order separately too but it will cost you $20 which is not a big amount. So there is much difference in Xbox one and one S but you can play all of those games that can be played on Xbox one but no doubt new added features are attractive for Xbox lovers as it can run games in HDR.


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