How to unlock an Android phone with a broken touch screen and recover your data

How to unlock an Android phone with a broken touch screen and recover your data

No doubt tragedy can occur at any time in your whole life, in today’s world as mobile phones are becoming necessity for everyone and people are connecting to each other globally using social media sites and so a lot of data base gets created that we require to access at any moment of our life, on the another hand  we capture a lot of moments and  by the time we look back to remember that precious time that won’t come back ever, Now without existence of mobile phone we cannot even imagine our personality and what if we meets some tragedy and lost our all of data just due to getting broken our android phone screen and we are unable to access it again we feel broken after such incidents so you don’t need to worry I got a way for you and I will tell you how to unlock an android phone even with a broken touch screen and easily recover your data without any trouble in short time.

Here are two best methods that you can follow,

1st method:

First of get all these tools (one wireless mouse and keyboard if password is in alpha numeric form otherwise mouse will be enough, get one HDMI cable and a HDMI to phone connecter via which you will be able to get a display on your LED/LCD or simple TV) now follow the process.

HDMI cable

This process is quite simple so follow it properly, Charge your phone for half an hour then connect your phone with HDMI to phone this is a High-Speed HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable that provide you the ability of  to Play high-definition mobile content and you can get a screen of your phone on LED/LCD or Tv. Now just use mouse or keyboard that you have connected with your phone, unlock your android phone via drawing pattern on the screen or typing your password pin.Thats it now you can access all of your mobile data and remove all of the password from your mobile so next time you can directly connect it with your laptop/pc. So you have successfully unlocked an Android phone even with a broken touch screen

2nd method:

Method two could be difficult but it will also work 100%, You need to replace your whole led panel and if you don’t want to replace lcd panel then you can borrow it from some friend or from any retailer if he can allow you and simply change its lcd panel, once lcd changed you can easily remove password and access to your data and copy save it wherever you want.

You need to follow these simple steps to replace your lcd panel and first you need to have these tools, An anti-static workmat, Mini Phillips head screwdriver and a A spudger.


LCD panel change of samsung note 4

  1. Use spudger to separate lcd from bezel by lightly prying
  2. Now Disconnect the battery and cable from the motherboard and also all of the wires attached to it smoothly remember do not apply more force
  3. Easily Remove the black tape that is shown below in the image it covers the LCD display cables


    broken Nexus 7 screen panel change

  4. Now as told smoothly unplug the data cable & ribbon cable that is attached with LCD and motherboard
  5. Unscrew the 15 perimeter screws
  6. Then heating up the broken screen in order to separate it from the plastic bezel
  7. Now Separate the LCD panelby pulling it from body
  8. Line up and set the new screen face up inside the bezel make sure that tape strongly sticks
  9. Attach the bezel/screen(new one) combo softly
  10. Lock and reattach the ribbon cables to the motherboard
  11. Secure the chassis in place using the screws removed


Now up to you buy this lcd panel or borrow it, once the process is completed you are now able to unlock an Android phone with a broken touch screen.This technique is very powerful in this regard and best works for all of the android phones like Samsung for Samsung S3,S4,S5,Note 2,Note 3,Note4,Note 5 and for A and J series too.It  can also be applied at nexus and LG & Sony phones. Almost for every android phone it is easily applicable.

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