Stunts Track Creator of GTA is live from august

Stunts Track Creator of GTA is live from august

In last month of july one of the one of the most well-known game company introduced an update of cunning stunts for online part of GTA V, GTA ONLINE. This update brought joy for the game lovers who always are attached with gaming devices and love to spend even the rest of their life , these game lovers belongs to any age group so  cunning stunts for online latest part of GTA  is very important for these loyal fans because it empower game with many new items just like vehicles, costumes, laps and stunt cars having bonus.

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When this update was launched it enable players to take part in seven different types of stunt races that Rockstar games introduced after doing hardwork as their team was working since many months on it and they succeeded finally. It is said that producers committed to give players a sort of free track creator update that would make players capable of developing their own tracks on the 2nd of August that passed in this week. It has passed three days (72 hours) and game update of creating track is available for every player. It is a remarkable update in which you have no need to install another update to run it because it is activated by ROCKSTAR’s server-side and you have not to worry about it. This track creator update allow players to make their own tracks supported with their own judgments and wants later on they can share these tracks and races with others of they want at any time and with anyone without any sort of trouble.

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By observing we have found that many people are curious to know about vehicles which have been added to this update. The following data will eliminate their curiosity that is just shown below with their price in $ and their name on the left side of the column, So It is a very valueable information if you are a game lover


Name Price ($)
progen Tyrus 2,550,000
Obey omnis 701,000
Grotti Brioso RA 155,000
Western Gargoyle a bike 120,000
Nagasaki BF400 a bike 95,000
Lampadatti Tropos raylle 816,000
Vapid desert Raid 695,000
Vapid Trophy Truck 550,000
Emperor ETR1 1,995,000
Annis RE-7B 2,475,000


The above mentioned ten vehicles have price. But here are some of the vehicles that are free and the vehicles that are free are names as

  • Declasse Burger Shot
  • Bravado Red wood Gauntlet
  • Capid pisswasswer Dominater

As it shows that thirteen vehicles are added among which ten are available on purchase with price mentioned and three are available for free,Some of the Free vehicles are always given in the start of the game so that Player could increase points and buy other from market it same happens with Need for speed too. So its normal you just need to complete levels that are the part of the GTA, and with the update of cunning stunts for online part of GTA V it will become more easier for you.

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