Samsung galaxy Note 7, Stunning look & amazing features

Samsung galaxy Note 7, Stunning look & amazing features

Samsung just announced Galaxy Note 7,Samsung has been announcing after every specific period of time new version of its flanker products and also they have introduced a variety of line of products and in the line of Note Series there is a wonderful improvement in these note phones like note 2 was pretty well and note 3 that has been famous due to its fastest speed and amazing color performance next the introduction of note 4 in which fingerprint scanner was introduced and it totally changed the attention of many android users towards it. Its S pen was so much better than other note in the series then here comes the Note 5, with the fabulous feature of color picking from real life and bigger ram with metallic body and fingerprint sensor.


Now as it was supposed in these summers Samsung Will be launching Note 6 but they didn’t launch instead they have launched directly Note 7 which have a much impressive hardware that s coupled with its magnificent build quality but you all are very familiar that Samsung has a bigger product category and product line in every category that strategy is not being followed by Apple, Samsung has only a few phones in its product line , So due to this production strategy we can easily see that design language of Note 7 is quite familiar to Galaxy S7 edge as this contains a dual curved edge but it also allows users to carry out a multiple types of tasks without even opening the new application section its sides are so attractive because these bezels are minimum to the extent and it presents a view of display that has melted to the sides for its protection you will have to instantaneously purchase a sturdy case to prevent your phone from a whirlwind or regrets although you will feel a bit increase in weight of your phone. Overall Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a very clean design.


This time Samsung has improved its UI, many people just don’t like its UI because of its inability of customization as it allows you to reduce its resolution according to your desire about its resolution some rumors are there that user will be able to tweak the resolution of the smartphone to condense a number of pixels so they can increase the time period of battery. As it already has a bigger battery near 3,500mAh and if the rumors are right so users will be having the biggest long battery life phone ever.

As the official announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be done within few hours from now it is the best phone of note series with 12Mp dual camera and one snapdragon 820 for united states customers only and the customized features of S-Pen accessory, anyhow there are a lot of rumors we will have to wait to know the truth and we are just a few minutes away from the launch so for actual updates look over here once again.

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