Rapid Fall in price of Note 5 on the arrival of Note 7 in US

Rapid Fall in price of Note 5 on the arrival of Note 7 in US

Note 7 is a good update to your older note 5 according to its dimension it is 0.01inches bigger than ordinary note 5 there are many things that are common like Fingerprint (touch), Stylus, resolution pixel density that same for both 518 pp even the technology is same of super Amoled, another older feature like megapixels of front camera that is still same 5 MP. As compared with Sony it has now introduced 21 megapixel as well both mobiles are of 64 bit operating system and also same sort of octa core processors are being used with 4GB system memory and built in storage of 64GB but it is has the ability of resistance from dust and water that is a good addition to its specification although Samsung is already providing fast charger but this phone has wireless charging and quick charging option too and it is built in that makes it stand unique from other note models of Samsung galaxy.


Reasons you should switch from Note 5 to 7

  • It is 2.2mm narrower comparatively to note 5 along with its curved disply
  • It is much comfortable to hold and use in one hand
  • It Is fueled by Exynos 8893 chipset
  • Improved edition in S-pen for Spen lovers
  • Retina Scanner
  • USB Type-C port
  • For its protection Gorilla Glass 5


Samsung galaxy recently announced Note 7 instead of launching its next series phone that was expected to be note 6, anyhow with the arrival of note 7 globally its some of the features that are a sort of attraction are getting the attention of note users and it has successfully replaced note 5 with latest update and due to older stock retailers are selling it on big discount by $290, As Note 7 is available to only few regions of the world and that’s the reason this discount is available currently to US residents only.

The retailers are offering discount only to one of the variant which storage phone memory is only 32 GB its model number is N920 it can be easily used to GSM networks and it also supports LTE brands. For those, Storage capacity doesn’t matters they should buy this model as they can save a big amount on prevailing this offer.

One more thing to remember as all phones have a chance of getting its LED breakage you must use a leather pouch to protect its curves too that can be shown below.


If you want to know anything about note 7 feel free to comment below and have our valuable opinion free for you.you can read more about Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Stunning Look & Amazing Features

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