Prisma For android users their response & download

Prisma For android users their response & download

Prisma photo effect application initially released for iOS users, Apple users always love clicking photos as selfie or a group photo they have been using many other photo editor as well, On the other hand Android users like Samsung, Sony, Huawei and Oppo many other android phones, people love to take photos just to keep memories and share with others on social sites just like Facebook, twitter and Myspace. Android users have been using Retrica and B612 or Candy camera for selfie, but now Prisma 1.0 Apk has been launched and it is being used worldwide it brings artistic photo effects people as sharing their photos on social sites that they have captured with prisma.


It turns every photo into art many are using just to impress friends and special ones. It is providing mind blowing art with filters and effects and users can fine-tune every filter for unique results. People are so happy with the launch in android as they are amazed by prisma’s developers thought of implementing such a complex algorithm which comprises of outstanding edge line detection and color processing that makes these artistic filters look amazing just as online farm rendering in 3DS max & other 3D application .


The best thing about this application is that it uses a sort of artificial intelligence and neural network just to help transform precious moments into a creative art by expert system it has many effects just like femme, Udnie, tears, Urban, Dreams and many more but best is oil painting effects it has been widely accepted by users till now.People are widely using photos edited by Prisma on their social sites as their display pictures and also sharing on snapchat and instagram.

As this was initially launched for apple users if you are an apple user and you mistakenly lost all of your photos you can easily recover your deleted data from iphone.It has been download and installed on daily basis on more than 700,000 devices and totally more than half a billion photos been edited or prismed either in android or iOS.It has largely active users that are over 15.5 million.As this application is free and so widely downloaded and installed.You can also download Prisma for android user.

With the launch of latest version prisma application for android build 6 the new update in it brings save button that users thinks was really needed.You can also download its latest version via Android google play store or by visiting their official site.It is introduced by prisma labs inc. and with the download size of 6.19 mb.The biggest default till now is that this application is being overloaded because all of the photos are edited on their server.More than 13,000 personally don’t like this application they say it shows a kind of cartoon view of photo. So they have rated it 1 star in android play store other reason they told is that they have to wait a lot for their turn that never comes before you’re irritated to death.So says if there was any grade lower than 1 star they would give it that grade so overall this application is cool if it takes lower time or it is offline.


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