Learn How to play Pokémon go Online

Learn How to play Pokémon go Online

Now day’s world is crazy for this game everyone wants to play this game and most of them doing this. Let me introduce this game actually this game is based on Pokémon cartoon and this game developed by Niantic who sacrificed a long time of his life. It’s a location based game and first you have to find Pokémon first after that Pokémon go game competition will start when the most of the people will get their Pokémon’s then they  will play this game each and other. So now I am going to tell you how to play this game how to find Pokémon’s. many of the pokemon’s are in our world, but we have to find them with different places the person catches maximimum pokemon’s the person will be a tough competitor when you are catching more and more pokemon your level will be increased  automatically and then they will help you to get more powerful  pokemon. Here few steps to play Pokemon go game.

Step 1: first you have to install Pokemon app in  your ios or android  app if the app is not available in  your country so you can install this app throw  APK.

Step 2: when you install this  further, its require to sign up you have to give your google mail and you will give a pseudo name and you will choose your Pokemon player will develop his dress etc.

Step 3: when you successfully sign up, then you have to open your gps of your android or ios device without gps you can’t play this game because its location based game after opening of gps you have to open your camera to see map view with map view you will see the world seems pokemon world view you will see the nearest pokemon because on initial stage of the game they give you a pokemon for demonstration and you have to catch it touch on pokemon which you want to catch.


Step 4: this is a very important step when a pokemon appears in nearby you your device will alert you your device will be vibrating on that time if you don’t catch the pokemon it could be run away now how to encounter a pokemon you can use your items from your bag which you got it would give you help to catching pokemon you can also take the snap photos of your pokemon encounters. You can also use Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls these balls to catching pokemon.

STEP 5: you have to walk on streets parks and public places most of the pokemon you can find near lakes oceans or other bodies of water.

poke 2

So After following these quick steps now you are capable of playing pokemon go online and enjoy it while cathing your facourite pokemon.IF you are feeling any sort of issues in playing pokemon go then fix them now

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