Issues and their Solution & Tips –Pokemon Go

Issues and their Solution & Tips –Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon has always been the favorite cartoon among huge children in their childhood and most of them belonged to the era 2000-2010 and almost everyone who liked these cartoons are twenty plus so focusing on this idea Niantic developers have just launched the Pokemon Go in the last few days and this game has been admired by many people for its unique game scheme and amazing features. While playing any game players feel trouble and they face many issues here I will tell give you an overview of how to deal with Problems and fixes in Pokemon Go.

These tips are merely just for your help so you can play your game either if you are playing for fun or you just want to spend your spare time. I will explain to you how to unable download if you are not able to download this game and other issues like authentication error and distorted sound of the background while you are playing your game and some tips for you to make coins freely and easily so you can make a purchase there in the game market using these coins.

1. Dealing With Authentication Issues:

Authentication issues are due to heavy load on the end server so the developers have clarified it to see first which server to choose as they have released server pages it has been seen that mostly US servers are busy, so it’s better to choose any other server.

2. Sound Problem:

Mostly Arises when you are trying to connect with others via third party just like Bluetooth devices and company is working on it solve this issue ASAP.

3. Purchasing items using coins:

In the review of this game, many have given the feedback they are unable to make a purchase as a pop-up appears “you already own this item”. This is not a big issue all you need to do is just to restart your system and that’s all, you are might be getting this issue because of internet fluctuation in your local area.

4. GPRS tracking issue:

Some android phones have so lower quality GPRS either some of them are manufactured by local in china or Vietnam so they are not at the good performance you need to make sure the mobile phone that you have is 100% original and you have purchased it directly from the company so you can claim. In some mobile, the issue is that weaker GPRS are probably showing you far away like 100km from your exact location.

5. Battery Rapid Drainage issue:

It is obvious when you are playing Pokemon go online you will feel the battery drainage issue as it uses not only your ram,processor but also it consumes battery because of using wifi and GPRS that is highly consuming function of any mobile phone yet. Its use causes sometimes mobile to heat up.

6-Stop Pokemon from getting frozen:

Players noticed health of the enemy Pokemon going down suddenly while they are fighting live with the Pokemon of an enemy gym trainer. Users have noticed Pokemon gets freezes when and in this condition it gets useless to attack an enemy when Pokemon is frozen. Currently, there is no solution as it is the part of the game you will have to wait for next updates I hope so this issue will be resolved very soon.


So playing Pokemon go is a good game and it has very attractive GUI but few issue, Its new launch in the Smartphones like in android Samsung mobiles (S series, J series , A series and Note Series) As Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will also be compatible with Pokémon  go. So I hope so all of its issues will be resolved very soon.


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