Most Famous Online Games

Most Famous Online Games


The trend of online games has transformed into passion nowadays and people of almost all the age groups have developed an interest in it. Games are actually being developed as per the desire of the regular players as well as for the people who do not have been into computer games before, and this is the reason that the games are now becoming very popular everyday. There are games like “Pokemon”, “Spider Solitaire”, “Battlefield” and many more such games.

In short, there are many games being played by different gamers around the world, but over here we are going to discuss the most played game which has broken the records and is the most interesting game now a days & this game is named as “The League Of Legends”.


This is actually a multiplayer online battle arena, which has been developed by Riot games.A League Of legends players assume the role of virtual champions with some incredible abilities and battle against different teams being controlled by other teams who are sitting somewhere else or with the players or teams being controlled by the computer itself. The goal is actually completely destroy the base of the opposing team, which lies at the center and is protected by their defense. The diversion pits little groups of player-controlled champions against each other on a little number of maps. A group wins on the off chance that it can wreck the heart of their adversaries’ base, known as the Nexus, before theirs is decimated. Characters, called champions, make a trip down the various courses to their adversaries’ base wrecking turrets and flunkies that serve their opponents.


A few champions have swords to assault, however, others use to run weapons or spells. They additionally have a scope of capacities that get supported as players gather in-diversion gold. They can likewise purchase enchantment things to enhance their well being, safeguard, assault or spell power.pop5

At the start the teams are weak and the match is discrete but with the passage of time they acquire power & become powerful  – The real game starts!The game actually received very good response from the very start and gained some good ranking in North America and in Europe – most played game in 2012.

The game actually appeared in the market in 2009 (late) and became popular in a very short period of time. As per statistics it is being played by more than 27m people around the worlds and that’s too on everyday basis.



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