Facebook Attempts & Offers Fifth time on snapchat

Facebook Attempts & Offers Fifth time on snapchat

Facebook is trying its best to win over Snapchat and instagram,It is said that its for the fifth time now that Facebook is attempting to filch snapchat’s new thundering features as compared to facebook itself.Important is this; something that started its life on the newly introduced viral application.On the Other Side Instagram also Announces Snapchat-Style of Stories.

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As Instagram is the subsidiary of Facebook and its attempt to beat snapchat is also coming from Instagram known as Instagram stories so in Short these are the indirectly Snapchat Stories that are available on Instagram.As Users are able to post pictures and videos on their Stories that they are poting on Instagram via Snapchat where the stories let the user make sure that they are able to get reply for next 24 hours. Users are much familiar with the truth that in instagram stories don’t appear directly on the profile of the users but instead stories appears on the profile of the Snapchat and also the conversation is private there.Instagram has now another feature that the users are easily going to doodle on their profile while using text and drawing tools.

Now, this feature is also available on the latest and old iOS version and also for android mobiles As Instagram has described the feature that mentioned above by saying “These are the features that allow you to share best moments of the day and not merely those that you want to keep on your profile”.


Facebook inc. has always shown its interest to hold on to Snapchat either by introducing coded poke or purchasing it. As they have been trying since 2012 and in 2013 Facebook even placed an offer to them buying in $3bn and snapchat declined it and later on in the next year facebook launched a slingshot with the viral capabilities and it somehow worked and pulled the application significantly a year later. Facebook also introduced the self-destructing messages that were generated in messenger unfortunately it didn’t rolled out on a large scale. But now this is for the fifth time facebook attacked on snapchat in the previous month and the company encoded the conversations for messenger and they are now able to hold on snapchat because this was the ability that was attained by Snapchat-Style ephermal sort of messages


In the recent interview by NY times, of Kevin Systrom who is the founder of the Instagram when they asked about the stories of instagram he didn’t mentioned the name of snapchat at all, but he pointed them as competitors and claimed that competitors of instagram deserves all the credit of photos and videos that are disappearing from there.So its fifth time facebook hited snapchat and I personally think it is not going to stop until he wins.

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