How to deal with internet connectivity issues in windows 7

How to deal with internet connectivity issues in windows 7

Internet connectivity issues can be due to several reasons and I will explain you few of the methods below so you can make sure that any of these problems are not causing the problem for you and after reading these methods you should be able to learn how to resolve internet connectivity issues in windows 7 to some extent.


So first of all you need to check in your command prompt that you are getting response via your internet connection properly or not In this respect you need to type following and press enter “” so if you are getting some response like TTL 225 or 128 both are the same thing actually it depends on upon your speed of internet it means that you are connected with your back-end service provider so the issue could be on your computer or the service is down from back end of service provider.screenshot.46

IF you see everything is fine and you are unable to connect your internet then you might be facing the connectivity issue due to password error and you need to change wifi password. You can easily change the password by following few simplest steps, one way of resolving internet issues can be simply clicking on the diagnose after selecting the status option by doing the right click on your internet connection.

Internet connectivity issue could be due to Ipv6 connectivity issue, moreover, you can see which countries are deploying ipv6 connectivity.So the problem can be due to not availability of ipv6 in your country and you will see “Ipv6 connectivity : No Internet access, this problem can be solved by just following simple steps

  • Right click on your desired wifi connection
  • Click on status
  • A dialogue box will appear there click on properties
  • Then click on internet protocol version 6 and click on properties
  • Another box will appear and make sure these two options are selected
  1. Obtain an IPV 6 address automatically
  2. Obtain DNS server address automatically

Once you selected these two options and then click on ok option and you are done.So finally you are able to resolve your internet connectivity issues in windows 7. This is also workable on other Windows like 2004,vista and 2010 too.So Solving any sort of internet issue is not a big deal from now and if still, you are facing issues please contact us or just comment below we will surely solve your problem ASAP.

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