Clash Of Clans (Act update 2016)

Clash Of Clans (Act update 2016)

Let us give a glimpse of Clash Of Clans for the players who have recently joined it or are probably going to join in a few days.


This is a social game actually, which is being played by different communities – is not confined to any specific class. The clans are being controlled by the players sitting in different towns, different streets and different places. Clash of Clans is one of the best games till now, which can be played with others.


It is a diversion brimming with decisions and exchange offs, and a major part of what makes Clash fan is the assortment of methodologies on assault and guard. Diverse armed forces and Village designs speak to various players, and everyone conveys its own one of a kind qualities and shortcomings.





In Clash of Clans, leveling up is not just a matter of strength, but of meaningful additions on attack and defense. Clash of Clans is an unfolding experience disclosed in versatile chapters, and players will discover it a truly unique gameplay, awesome strategies & some real challenges as they progress along in the game.

Each addition to Clash feels like a significant and a fun challenge to master, instead of just a copy of another unit with a few minor tweaks.



Latest and Major Update of Clash of Clans:

Latest and Major Update of Clash of Clans:


The developer of “Clash of Clans”, named “Supercell” has recently confirmed that the next update for the heavily popular role-playing game to be released in the second week of October –  most probably around  11th of October, 2016.


Supercell recently declared that they will have a live stream for the new components and are searching for Clashers to take an interest.

The critical thing that I take for this is we can call the following overhaul the October Upgrade. I don’t feel that the Sneak Looks will begin soon considering they are quite recently hunting down individuals for their live stream.


Probably it would be a  Friendly War, which allows gamers to discover which between the Ground and Air has a stronger force.


Although only ground troops or only air troops might not be players’ usual army composition, this will not be a normal Clan War. Therefore, gamers will have something to expect in the near future.


“Clash of Clans” October update will reportedly be more friendly to new players along with this exciting upgrade there is another plus that is – in this “Clash Of Clans” Oct. update it is expected that it will probably sweep all the bugs from the popular strategy game.

Aside from that, “Clash Of Clans” Oct. update is also expected to bring more life and options for the players. As a result, players who are still below Town Hall Level 11 will benefit more in the upcoming update.


It is also believed that the imminent update will feature a penalty system. However, there are no further details on what exactly the penalty system will be about.


Players!   It is time for you to get ready with your new tactics, with the new exciting and changing atmosphere.


Stay tuned for more updates

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