How to change Wifi password easy & quick

How to change Wifi password easy & quick

Do you think that your wifi is being accessed by someone else or you feel that your password has been hacked/cracked by any third person, any case users always tend be secured because in many countries data bundle is given at a high price and many users don’t want to share it with others or they just don’t want to compromise on the speed of internet and whenever they feel that their wifi is being used by someone else, so users want to change wifi password quickly. You no need to worry it is a very simple process and it will not take more than 2 minutes.

Reset your password if you do not know the Password


This is the case when another person gets access to your wifi and change it by using the method 2 that I will explain below after the first method is described; So all you need to have physical access to your modem/wifi device, there you will see a button on it it could be very tiny inside button or it could be outside bold button but there it will be mentioned that “reset” you just need to keep pressing this button for atleast 15-20 seconds , if it is a deep inside button then you press it with a needle and if it is a bold outside button then it can easily be pressed with your finger. Once device is restarted you will see previously changed all password will be reset and also all of the setting will be back and then you can easily check the password that will be mentioned behind the device and using this password you can have access to the wifi modem advanced settings and internet access too. You can easily change this password you can do it by reading the other process mentioned just below.


Change your wifi /modem already existing password

Once you are connected with the wifi then you will see a signal strength sign just in the right portion of your system taskbar near clock as you can see in the image click on it after it select your network connection and hit a right click of your mouse on it.


Then click on properties then a dialogue box will appear then select the security tab There will be third option named as”Network Security key” click in the box and press backspace button until all of the characters are being removed then type the new  password you can also check on the “show character” option to make sure that the alphabets/numbers that you are typing are exactly what you want and you can make a note of it easily and save it somewhere else too.


How to change Wifi password

Make sure these settings are selected in the security tab, security type is WPA2-personal and the Encryption type is AES although if you have multiple users on the same systems you can also choose either you want its availability to all of the users or just you want to be restricted to one user you can see this setting in the connection menu.So it’s all now you have change the password of your wifi device successfully.

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