Why you should buy iPhone 7 instead any other smart phone, release date and features

Why you should buy iPhone 7 instead any other smart phone, release date and features

Historically we all know that iPhone has a very well defined and short listed product line of some models like iPhone 4 and 4s only. Same as last year happened iPhone 6 and 6 plus but they introduced after sometime iPhone 6s as apple company is giving multiple phone types with different specification of memory and Facetime availability. We have confirmed through our one of the valuable source that the upcoming models in September 2016 will not have pro models like apple introduced pro in previous models that has been launched till now and new featuring models that are on way are listed below with their a short detail and these are the basic reasons why you should be ready to buy iPhone 7 in advance:


  1. iPhone 7: basic function is almost same for both models and apparently difference is of its screen size iPhone 7 size is only 4.7 inches and its resolution is disclosed.
  2.  iPhone 7 Plus: With a 5.5-inch screen it makes a jumbo look just like 6 plus and an eye capturing ability to get attention of people around you it has many additional benefits with the same basics almost and it also have a high resolution but till now it is disclosed.

Apple’s new launch is on its way to get into the market but they haven’t disclosed many of the secrets in respect of specification and additions in UI which will distinguish it from its all of the older models and product lines but some of the benefits that you should now you can see below and these are the reason why you should buy iPhone 7.


  • Refined A10 chipset for better performance
  • Manufactured on 16mm FET process for enhanced results
  • A powerful GPU which is designed and developed by IT(Imagination and Technologies).
  • Dual Core CPU( we will have to wait its launch then it can be confirmed)
  • iPhone 7/iPhone 7 plus will have larger battery as compared to all of the older models
  • Wonderfully this is for the first time when iPhone will have 1,960mAh battery powered and iPhone 7 plus will have close to its double and that is 3,500mAh powered battery.
why you should buy iPhone 7

why you should buy iPhone 7

On social media sites and on internet community sites there is a wide range for rumors wandering over there like an addition of 3D home button instead of home button or finger sensor, but who knows what is going to happen in next coming month and thousands of fans are waiting just to know what apple has introduced for them as apple’s biggest competitor that is SAMSUN which has introduced retina scanner in note 7 so apple users now really wants something big in return. IF you want to know the truth its better just to wait until we see the launch of both models in the market and personally test it but if these rumors are real about phone then you must buy iPhone 7 even you should pay in advance so you could be among first ones to enjoy its amazing features.

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