Best social application on Smartphones

Best social application on Smartphones

There are billions of users of smartphones now and a high percentage of such users are using social applications to make friends online near to them within the specific range or even from other cities and countries. I will share with you some of the Best social applications on the smartphones that can be helpful for you to make friend online.

There are several applications that could be found on android Phone or Apple but I will tell you here only two which are best for making friend online near your area or in any targeted country these applications are as follow.


  1. Skout:

It is a great app with more than 10 million downloads and a 4.2 rating by its users it tell you many things about your surroundings like near you with the age group of 18-50 you can select age gender, ethnicity and many more so it’s the best option for you to choose it has many additional feature like unlock backstage and skout travel, This feature allows you to travel worldwide and it deducts only few points but it is useable only by older accounts. Many other benefits it has it can tell you who viewed your profile and who is online and offline you can easily block any person with whom you are not willing to talk, It has be option to make your account premium in which most of the features gets unlock like you can see all of the backstage photos of the users and you can travel for free you can feature me for free in which you will be shown at the top of the screen on number 1.So using skout can be very helpful to find your friend and in this way you can say it is the best social application on the smartphones.


  1. Coco:

Coco had a great past when it allowed people to openly participate in groups nearer to their area where they can find people and can easily do time pass over there with many of the abilities like add and personally tagging in the group chat, But now it is facing a major downfall as it has some features like shake, groups nearby, people nearby and wink. In the option of shake Users just need to shake their phones and they will see who are online from around the world and are shaking their phones so they can talk with them within few seconds, As it has allowed the option of groups nearby but these are protected by users and it has the biggest limitation and its group members cannot exceed to 100.


Most of the time users do not get accepted by admin,In the third option of people nearby, A huge amount of boys sending greetings to girls nearby and many girls ignore it due to bulk requests another drawback is its wink does not work properly and you need to check it again whenever you have received wink from any person. Anyhow even it has many drawbacks but still this application is better than others to find friend near them or around the world because it has a lot of users and by struggling hard I am sure you can do it.

So Coco & skout are Best social applications on the smartphones like for apple and Samsung.

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