3 Easiest Ways of Solving Error ''This Copy of Windows is not Original '' on Windows

3 Easiest Ways of Solving Error ”This Copy of Windows is not Original ” on Windows

When you turn on your PC or laptop if a black screen appears with the message that this copy of window is not genuine it would be disgusting for you .this error would be not good at any cost and it can cause a sort of irritation for you because you would not be able to use your computer comfortably. There is no need to worry about this because you can fix this error. This error can cause distraction to you while doing tasks on computer or sometimes continuously alarming you with the error message and because of this error you wouldn’t be able to change your desktop background because a black screen with error message had taken place of it this is the most embarrassing and sometimes window wouldn’t work properly only because of this so it is very necessary to fix it and learn now how to resolve the issue of Copy of windows is not original ask for genuine windows error rapidly.

There are three most effective ways to eliminate this error including using RSOP METHOD second is Use OF COMMAND PROMPT and the third is by uninstalling update named KB97033

this copy of windows is not genuine

this copy of windows is not genuine

Method 1 using RSOP

RSOP abbreviate for Resultant set of policy First of all go to start menu and type run and type ‘rsop.msc’ then press enter RSOP would open in front of you then you need to go to windows setting after it choose security settings to system services than find plug and play option and click right and check automatic option after that open run again and type ‘gpupdate /force press enter. From now after restart, you can see the error has been fixed.

Method 2 to resolve the issue of Windows not original

Using command prompt: Go to start menu on your system and find run there or use (Ctrl+ R) and search cmd then right click on it and choose run it as administrator option when it open type SLMGR -REARM in the same format as shown with space and dash between first and second word keep in mind that code would not work if there would be any mistake. After that system would ask you to restart click OK If problem get solve then ok otherwise you are going to receive errors like 1 the maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded 2 SLMGR is not recognized as an internal or external command then it means this method is also not workable for you and you should leave this method and come on the third method..

windows+is+not+genuine+fix bobandmarksuck

Method 3 is uninstalling update KB971033

It happens sometimes that this copy of window is not genuine error is regulated because of an update named KB971033 If it is so than it would be detect by your windows Operating System. To remove this error there is the last method; what you have to do is to uninstall this useless update. This method is only applicable if you find this update among installed updates. By following these steps you can uninstall this update first of all go to control panel and click on system and security then click windows update find the desired one among installed updates when you find KB971033 and uninstall it after it restart your System.

Finally, now we have fixed the error like “the copy of window is not genuine”  and these are the errors which should be fixed as early as possible because they cause distraction and it is our compulsion to condemn the pirated software and  buy genuine products only via Microsoft Website or official store only or if not buying then Activate Windows on the spot by paying Microsoft.

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